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Spingo Prints: Over the past years, all of my "Spingo" posters have been displayed in the Blue Anchor, Helston, Cornwall. Their purpose being to promote "Spingo", a unique real ale which has been brewed continuously on the premises since the 15th century. Originally exclusive to the Blue Anchor, but now pubicly available as collectors prints, there are 4 purchase options.

Original hand inked prints, produced as an limited edition of 50, signed and numbered, using linseed oil based inks, and printed on Zerkall extra smooth white 145 gsm paper. The approximate size of the printed area is 30 x 40 cms. Supplied mounted, cellophaned with back board, the overall size being 41 x 56 cms. (approx.16 x 22 inches).

Giclee first quality prints, (open edition ) Size A3, printed on cotton rag paper.

Digital reprductions are also available, size A3.

Spingo prints are also available as A5 blank greetings cards, in any combination of 5.                                                                                                        


Lino Cut Prints: Lino cut prints are a form of relief printmaking, where the image is transfered from one cut and inked surface on to another, in this case paper. The design is cut out of a piece of lino in the reverse and the negative, (ie. the cut areas are blank and the remaining area is printed).


Wood Engraving Prints: Wood engraving is a form of relief printmaking. The image is cut from the end grain of a polished, and often jointed surface of hard wood. The wood used for this is usually a slow growing hard wood, traditionally and ideally Box. It is cut in the reverse and the negative. Small chisel tools are used to cut the design, which is often small and detailed in nature. Because of the ease in incorporating these blocks along side type, this process has been widely used over the centuries to create illustrations for text. Now it is used more as a form of fine art printmaking.